Stanley & Victoria Peak
August 17, 2008

On Saturday we took a bus south to Stanley, a tourist town on the southeastern peninsula of Hong Kong Island. Also known as Chek Chue, or "bandit's post," the town was once a hideout of Cheung Po Tsai, the infamous nineteenth century Cantonese pirate. These days the piracy is more market-based, and the food is better. Sunday held a trip to Victoria Peak, a landmark that provides the best views of the city and island. & the Peak-2.jpg & the Peak-1.jpg & the Peak-0.jpg & the Peak-4.jpg & the Peak-3.jpg & the Peak-5.jpg & the Peak-8.jpg & the Peak-6.jpg & the Peak-7.jpg & the Peak-13.jpg & the Peak-9.jpg & the Peak-14.jpg & the Peak-18.jpg & the Peak-15.jpg & the Peak-26.jpg & the Peak-25.jpg & the Peak-17.jpg & the Peak-19.jpg
../../photos/IMG_8777.jpg & the Peak-27.jpg
../../photos/IMG_8767.jpg & the Peak-28.jpg
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